It is important that you ensure that the right vehicle has been booked for the journey taking into account the number and size of luggage(s). The best option when booking with large amounts of luggage is to book the next available vehicle size up. For example, if you are booking a saloon, book an estate. If you are booking a six-seater MPV, book an eight-seater minibus and if you are booking a twelve-seater minibus, book a sixteen-seater minibus. The price difference is often minimal and it will ensure that you have a more comfortable ride. As a friendly reminder for customers who have booked a return journey, you may have more luggage with you on your way home. 

When carrying larger amounts of luggage we offer a guide to what is a reasonable capacity for your chosen vehicle. We do encourage all passengers to check with the minicab operator to clarify if the vehicle is suitable. In larger vehicles, such as minibuses passengers can expect small luggage to be carried on their lap or stowed in the foot-well. If there is a storage facility this shall be used. 

When booking you may see these symbols to indicate luggage capacity. 

- This symbol represents the vehicles luggage capacity for luggage that is medium sized or smaller. 


   - This symbol represents the vehicles capacity for small luggage.

Luggage can be defined by as follows and must not exceed the advised measurements:

Large76 cm / 30 in48 cm / 19 inLarge suitcases, Sports bags, Instrument luggage
Medium67 cm / 26 in45 cm / 18 inMedium sized suitcases, Medium size backpack
Compact63 cm / 25 in36 cm / 14 inCompact suitcases    
Cabin48 cm / 19 in32 cm / 13 inBags that are small enough to fit in an overhead cabin 
Small-    -Hand Luggage / Handbags, Small backpack, (Not a cabin bag) Must be able to go on your lap